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OUYA Officially Slated For June Release

by Prima Games Staff

We aren’t too far off from seeing the pint-sized OUYA console hit store shelves.

The project, which was wildly successful in getting funding through its KickStarter campaign, is officially set to hit stores this June, and several retailers, including Best Buy, Amazon, Target and GameStop have already started taking pre-orders for the unit, selling it for $99.99 and offering additional controllers for $49.99.

But if you financed your special unit through KickStarter, don’t worry – you’ll still get it this June with plenty of support to spare.

Speaking with the Wall Street Journal, OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman stated, “We don’t need to beat Xbox or Sony or any console that enters the marketplace.  We need to carve out our own niche. OUYA offers a very different value proposition to the gaming you can currently experience. It’s a box designed specifically for the television that leverages the screen, we support 3D gaming, HD, we support the controller, we added a touchpad to the controller. The kind of content you’ll see on OUYA, it’ll be inventive and creative and has never been on the television.”

We’ll have more on OUYA’s games and features in the weeks ahead.