On the official Outriders Twitter account, the team announced that the servers would be taken offline temporarily while the team works to fix for the issues that players have been experiencing.

According to the announcement tweet, taking the servers offline will enable the team to, “Rebuild and recover server infrastructure in order to bring it back into a healthy and stable state.” 

Outriders Servers Taken Offline Temporarily In Order To Fix Them

Outriders has been subject to a number of server issues following its launch. Fortunately, the team is being transparent about the steps being taken to fix these issues.

Earlier today, the team confirmed that servers will be temporarily taken offline to allow for the team to properly fix them. As of right now, April 2 at 5:45 p.m. (ET), the servers remain offline, though additional updates have been shared by the Outriders Twitter account.

The first noting that the team is running checks “on the restored infrastructure now to ensure it is operating as intended” and that they currently don’t have an ETA for when the servers will be back online. Following this, another tweet explains that checks are still ongoing but that the team hopes to share some good news soon. 

We’re extremely grateful to the dev team for their open communication regarding the server issues, and the steps taken to address and fix them. And for gamers who’ve been dealing with server issues, it sounds like these should be resolved shortly.

Until then, we’ve got a few Outriders guides up on our site that you may find interesting. Be sure to check back as we’ll be uploading more Outriders guides here on Prima Games in the near future! 

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