Though their work may not always be 100 percent, Konami has their hearts in the right place when it comes to re-releasing high-definition collections.  We've gotten a few from them as of late, including last year's Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and two for 2012, Zone of the Enders HD Collection and Silent Hill HD Collection.


Still, why stop there?  The company has a HUGE backlog of classic games that are ripe for re-release, and though they've done a good job bringing some back for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, there are still a ton that need to come out.


So we put our heads together at the Prima Games office and came up with a few collection suggestions.  If Konami put these out with high definition treatment (in some cases, regular treatment is fine as well) and a few extras, along with a low price point, there's no doubt they could be big hits.  Let's hope they take our suggestions under advisement…


Hudson Soft Classics


Since they absorbed the last remaining assets of the Hudson Soft company a while back, Konami has gained control of their licenses, but hasn't really done much with them – outside of Bomberman, that is.  With that, we propose a package that revisits the company's glory days from the Turbo-Grafx 16 era, complete with games that put the system on the map.  These include the likes of Lords of Thunder, Y's Book I and II, Air Zonk, Bonk's Adventure and Bonk's Revenge, and various shooters, including Soldier Blade and Blazing Lazers.  For that matter, they also need to include Devil's Crush and Alien Crush, two of the liveliest pinball games out there.  We know these games are making their way around digitally, but a physical compilation – along with a detailed history on the Turbo Grafx and its rise and fall – would be perfect.


The Hideo Kojima Collection


A number of Hideo Kojima's games have already seen a re-release, including some Metal Gear Solid titles and Zone of the Enders.  But there are a few that could use a revival.  In this case, we propose two titles in particular that come out under the Hideo Kojima Collection, either as a retail title or through digital means.  The first is the original Metal Gear Solid, the PS One favorite that was missing from last year's collection.  Give it an HD touch-up and include some bonus options (like the Twin Snakes treatment from the GameCube days) and we'll be set.


The second?  Snatcher.  This captivating cyberpunk adventure really turned heads back in its heyday on the Sega CD, and re-releasing it with touch-ups (but no changes to the gameplay) would go a long way.  For that matter, we'll take Policenauts as well.


Considering how much Kojima has done for the company – as well as what he's doing next with Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, this tribute would be fitting.  Just a thought…


The Castlevania Collection


Castlevania is making huge waves heading into 2013, with a new 3DS game in the works and Lords of Shadow II announced for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  With that, why doesn't Konami put together a lucrative package that features a number of Castlevania greats from over the years?  There are a number of titles that can be included, such as the NES trilogy (the original, Simon's Quest and Dracula's Curse), Super Castlevania IV, Castlevania Bloodlines, Dracula X: Rondo of Blood, and even Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Chronicles.  Throw them together with some interviews (particularly Koji "Iga" Igarashi, long-time producer for the series) and include some unlockable Game Boy Advance/Nintendo DS titles, and you have a must-buy.


The Contra Package


Now, first off, we're skipping over the PlayStation games, because they were atrocious.  But otherwise, Contra has been very kind to us over the years, getting its start in the arcades and on the NES before moving into the more contemporary gaming scene.  This package would pay a fitting tribute to everything "spread gun", including the original Contra and Super C; Contra III: The Alien Wars; Contra: Hard Corps (one of the hardest Genesis games we've ever played, BTW); and Contra: Shattered Soldier on the PS2, which recently came out on the PlayStation Store in Japan.  For that matter, we'd take some of the portable adventures in restored fashion, including the Game Boy classic Operation C and the enjoyable Contra 4.  We'd be shooting all night with this one.


Gradius and Other Shooters Collection


The Gradius series has been prominent when it comes to Konami's "shmup" game history, but it's not the only entry, as others have left their mark as well.  What we need is a collection that includes a number of favorites, like the Gradius games (all of them, including the wonderful Gradius V), Life Force (from the NES/Turbo Grafx days), the underappreciated Axelay (one of the best SNES "shmups" ever), Time Pilot and its arcade follow-up Time Pilot 84, the jeep-driving shooter Jackal, and Lightning Fighters.  Throw all of these together and you'll have a winner, Konami.


The Multiplayer Collection


One of Konami's finest eras in arcade history was when it produced a number of epic four-player arcade machines.  These were the glory days, when friends could join and help you run through stages of enemies until getting to the final boss, then high fiving each other and doing it again.  There are a number of favorites that can go into this group, including X-Men: The Arcade Game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (both the original and Turtles In Time) and The Simpsons Arcade.  (Considering that Konami already released most of these games on the digital front, rights shouldn't be a problem.)  For that matter, we could also use games like Sunsetriders (which was promised a digital release in Game Room on Xbox Live, but never got it), Mystic Warriors, and Vendetta.  Support them with online play and unlockable extras (like wallpapers and concept art), and you've got something that'll keep players busy all night.


What do you guys want to see in terms of Konami collections?