What’s better than killing a whole mess of Orcs in a closed castle?  Killing Orcs in wide open environments, obviously!

Robot Entertainment has announced that its highly anticipated sequel Orcs Must Die! 2, which features a number of new environments, plenty of death-dealing traps and a new co-op campaign, will debut on Steam and PC services on July 30.  Sorry, console owners, you’re out of luck this time around, as the game is PC exclusive.

In the game, you’ll once again set up defensive fortifications as invading Orcs try to break into your surroundings.  But this time around, you’ll have some help in a vicious magical being, one who has her own way of dealing with Orc threats.  Working together, you can unleash some bloody goodness on the unexpecting enemy, with hundreds of Orcs falling at your feet.  Who wouldn’t like that?

If you liked the original, this is a must – even if you have to get used to playing with a keyboard again.  Hey, some things are worth adjustment…