One of WoW’s Hardest New Bosses is Made Easier With A Counter-Intuitive Strategy

Pain. Agony, even.

It’s time to talk about Morchie.

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This little.. lady.. has caused me and many other players much suffering since the introduction of patch 10.1.5’s new megadungeon: Dawn of the Infinite. She’s the alternate-timeline version of my absolute favorite WoW character, Chromie, and she’s just terrible to fight. Her mechanics? Plentiful. Her rate of attack? Nonstop. The size of her hats? Miniscule.

Luckily, there’s a fittingly paradoxical strategy you can employ. And if you don’t use it on purpose, I can almost guarantee you’ve done it by accident. The strat? Death.

Having Trouble With Morchie? Try Dying

The main problem with Morchie is how two of her mechanics overlap. She summons mirror versions of the player that pursue them, which need to be stopped using traps on the ground. The issue? The traps come out too slow, and the enemies spawn too fast. This results in not having enough traps to immobilize all the enemies chasing players around.

The simplest solution to this is for two or three of your party members to tank the floor. And by that, I mean to sit the fight out. And by that, I mean to die.

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Whether on purpose or by accident, I can’t remember a time in the last three weeks I’ve killed Morchie with a full party. Once, our Paladin tank soloed her from like, 30% health. It took forever, but we got it done. Last night, our Boomkin was the last one standing and nuked her last 400k health or so just before she was killed.

Who knows if the fight will be adjusted, but it does lead to some fun, butt-clenching finales. If you’re interested in more of my excursions in the new dungeon, check out my personal account of an ill-fated run the day it came out.

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