If you’re playing Oblivion as a vampire then tomorrow’s your lucky day as Bethesda are bringing out an underwater haven just for your sort, it’s aptly titled Vile Lair.

Inside the underwater cavern there’ll even be a human cattle pen, this will give your character the chance to go suck some blood from trapped victims. There’s also a place in which you’ll be able to score some dark flora, including the wonderfully-titled Chokeberry, yummy.

The new location apparently used to be where the notorious vampire Greywyn Blenwyth lived and apparently hosts a shrine to Sithis which can sort out your diseases and afflictions. The add-on allows players to hire Dark Minions, who’ll go forth and seek cash, apparently in “a most unseemly manner”.

Along with being the place to be if you’re a bloodsucker, the location is apparently where you wanna go if you’re sick of it. The “font of renewal” is a feature in the cavern that lets your character relieve yourself of the curse. This saves a lot of time for those who were intending on doing it in the manner the original game required.

The DLC will set you back $1.89 or 150 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360. As I said earlier, it’s out tomorrow.