Seek Revenge With the Oath of Battle Paladin Supplementary Material

Want to try out more DMs Guild goodness? This Oath of Battle Paladin supplementary material is the gift that keeps on giving.

We’ve been loving the stuff coming out of the DMs Guild lately in terms of fun additions to our own Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Of course, we’re not just talking about Amarune’s Almanac and its wonderful, forest-focused spellcasting mechanics. It’s a whole new year, so why not spice up your weekly sessions a little bit with this Oath of Battle Paladin supplementary material? It’s about time that the class got a bit of a facelift, honestly.

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Seek Revenge With the Oath of Battle Paladin Supplementary Material

The Oath of Battle is designed for use in fifth edition campaigns, and it essentially aims to bridge the gap between the two predominant Paladin playstyles: meatshield, and loner hellbent on some kind of revenge. There’s nothing wrong with either, but if you’ve ever squinted at your local Paladin and gone, “I wonder what else I could do with this,” or maybe even if you’re trying to think up a particularly compelling NPC, then give this a spin. 

The premise of Oath of Battle appears to be to allow characters that pick it to channel slightly different motivations than what we might be used to. Ever wanted to be driven by loyalty to a roving warband that you command, or by the desire to truly embed yourself in history’s hall of fame as a hero standing strong against tyranny?

There’s a nice mix of leadership qualities that can flavor one’s backstory here because of the Tenets of Battle that will inform your behavior (including standing one’s ground and sticking it to those who harm your allies), allowing the Paladin to bolster teammates while also maintaining a deadly edge that brings the Battle part of things to the table. We particularly like the synergy with Onslaught, a 15th level feature allowing you to use your reaction to attack a target that a friendly party has crit against.

Since the Oath of Battle Paladin supplementary material is now available and retailing for a steal at $1.95 on the DMs Guild website here, why not pick it up for yourself and see how it tests at your table if you need a khan or five to give your party some trouble? You can also keep on top of the other stuff that we’re covering when it comes to Dungeons & Dragons by browsing through the following:

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