Amarune’s Almanac Brings D&D Forest-Themed Subclasses to Life

Feeling like a forest adventure? Maybe you'll want to check out the new DMs Guild supplement, Amarune's Almanac.

If you’re after something to spice up your usual Dungeons and Dragons session, then you might want to consider not skipping over Amarune’s Almanac. Trying to bring a bit of forest-facing action to the player’s table? You can’t go wrong with the new D&D Forest-themed subclasses and more that this DMs guild supplement has in store. 

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Amarune’s Almanac Brings D&D Forest-Themed Subclasses to Life

Amarune’s Almanac is fifty pages of that good stuff to do with, well, forests. We’re talking spells, juicy lore about some of the finest forests in the Forgotten Realms, and some cool interactions with the Circle of the Grove Druid. Whether it’s new enemies that you need or cool loot, you’ll be well-served so long as you’re wanting it all to revolve around forests. They’re a unique environment that Wizards has been absolutely frothing to explore, and you’ll get to also dig a little deeper into spellcrafting that’s reliant on using the environment as a component. 

With the mix of lore and the ease with which you can plug a lot of these forest-friendly elements into your existing games, we reckon that Amarune’s Almanac would be a pretty great addition to any campaign this holiday season. We’re not sure if there’s anything about Christmas trees kicking around in there, but hey, that’s what the power of imagination is for. This DMs Guild material will be nice to bite into if you’re just wanting a bit of a change from the usual, and with the Dungeon Mayham expansion being revealed recently, you can add a whole lot of cool supplements to your groups right now. It’s been a good few months for new content, and we don’t just mean in the playtest sphere.

Do you reckon you’ll be using Amarune’s Almanac and its D&D forest-themed subclasses in your next adventure? Let us know on Twitter at @PrimaGames if you’re gonna crack into it. Otherwise, we have more Dungeons & Dragons goodness for you here.

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