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Nvidia Reveals New RTX 3070, RTX 3080, and RTX 3090

by Liana Ruppert

The new line of Nvidia RTX cards are incredible but if you want the best of the best, you’re going to need some serious cash. Not that this is anything new, but the next step for PC gaming completely changes the game in terms of performance, showing that it’s not just Sony and Microsoft getting in on the next-gen fun. 

Nvidia Reveals New RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 

Not only will the new line of RTX offer PCIe 4.0 support, but they will also feature new cooler designs as well! The new line starts with the 3070 being the lowest and the 3090 being the most powerful, but for scale? The RTX 3080 is twice as powerful in terms of performance as the current 2080 and even betters the Ti rate performance as well. 

If you’re like me and love to forgo food for money and basic goods in order to upgrade that PC, the 3090 is where it is at. According to the recent Nvidia showcase, the 3090 will offer an 8K resolution experience at 60fps. 

The new cooling design was also shown off, something that fans were given a sneak peek earlier this year due to leaks. With the new design, there are two independently-cooled fans that are designed in a way that makes the sound of the component itself much lower than that of the previous generation of RTX.

RTX Pricing

  • RTX 3070 – $499
  • RTX 3080 – $699
  • RTX 3090 – $1499

The 3090 is obviously a big jump in price and that’s because it is a massive jump in performance. I currently have the RTX 2090 Ti and this one absolutely trumps that, despite it being at the top of the food chain. The 3090 will offer RTX On with DLSS 98K, 8K HDR ShadowPlay, AVI Decode, and supports HDMI 2.1. It’s a beast but if you don’t need the best of the best, the 3080 is a solid steal.

You can also watch the full reveal in the video above from Nvdia!

Are you excited about the new RTX 3000 series? What are your thoughts on the pricing detailed? Sound off on whether or not the next-gen of PC-ware has you enticed over on Twitter @PrimaGames, we’d love to hear what you think about the bold moves Nvidia continues to make. 

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