It almost seemed like the most bitter of battles – and perhaps the end of the mega-successful Guitar Hero/Band Hero franchises – when No Doubt filed a lawsuit against Activision three years ago, over the use of their likenesses with not just their songs, but other songs.  (And yes, it was odd watching Gwen Stefani sing along to Johnny Cash, we admit.)  But the dust has settled, and neither party has negative feelings against one another, it seems.

After bouncing around in court for the longest time, Activision and the band members behind No Doubt have settled their differences before the October 15th court date, and all it took was…an apology.  Activision sincerely apologized for the misuse of band members, and swore never to do it again in a music/rhythm game.  Whether the two parties will work together ever again has yet to be seen.

We haven't really seen much from the Guitar Hero franchise – if at all – over the last couple of years, since the release of Warriors of Rock.  Needless to say, it probably won't be coming back anytime soon, provided there's a resurgence in the music/rhythm game market.

But all's well that end's well.  We're guessing No Doubt feels, um, Hella Good?