Nintendo has once again updated their online eShop services, as they do every Thursday.  And once again, Wii U owners are out of luck when it comes to new downloadable games, as there isn't one in sight.  However, if you own a 3DS, you're going to be very busy this week.

Atlus' 2D role-playing adventure Code of Princess is available for digital download, weeks after hitting retail.  It's going for $39.99.  If that isn't enough to feed your RPG needs, you can also snag XSEED's Unchained Blades, a digital download exclusive through the eShop, for $29.99.  That's a whole lot of enemies falling to your spellcasting right there.

In addition to Unchained, two other 3DS games are available – the side-scrolling action game Gunman Clive ($1.99) and the simplistic sports effort Air Battle Hockey 3D from Agetec (no price point given).  Both are worth checking out if you want some schnazzy 3D action for your handheld.  And they're cheaper than the RPG's, by far.

Finally, a pair of DSiWare games are available as well.  Galaxy Saver is a fun little vertical shooter that's going for $1.99, while Snowboard Xtreme (also $1.99) lets you hit the slopes in a quaint little downhill simulation.

Again, some Wii U games would be nice, but this is a fairly decent update for handheld owners.  Dig in.