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Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Edition Bundle Available At Walmart September 8

by Christopher Buffa

There’s no doubt that the Nintendo Switch will be a hot item this holiday season. We expect demand to be so high that you might have trouble finding one lonely system in November and December. If you want a Switch, don’t wait! Instead, head to Walmart on September 8 to buy the Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Edition bundle while supplies last.

Available for $379.99, this colorful package includes a Nintendo Switch (obviously), a download code for Splatoon 2, a stylish Splatoon 2 carrying case and arguably the biggest selling point, Neon Pink and Neon Green Joy-Cons. According to Nintendo, this will be the first time that you’ll be able to buy these Joy-Cons in North America, which suggests that the company will eventually sell them separately, but there’s no official confirmation for when this might happen, so if you desperately need these Joy-Cons, this is your chance!

“Consumers in Japan and Europe have already had a strong response to Splatoon 2 bundles in their territories,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “This exclusive Walmart bundle gives people who have been waiting to buy a Nintendo Switch a great value and incentive to get splatting.” 

We definitely agree that you get one heck of a deal. If you were to sell everything in the box separately, you’d pay way more than $379.99; at least $450 with current market prices.  If you have a little more disposable income, you can also grab another game for your Switch collection, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Arms or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Oh, and don’t forget the memory card!

Side note, Nintendo revealed dates for the next Splatoon 2 Splatfest, which takes place September 1-2.  Players will choose between two superpowers (flight or invisibility) and then compete in online Turf War battles. More details forthcoming.

For now, mark September 8 on your calendar, and be sure to bookmark our free Splatoon 2 guide for tips and tricks for the game.