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Nintendo Switch Lite Gets New Blue Color Option

by Morgan Shaver

The Nintendo Switch Lite has some fantastic color options from coral to turquoise along with special edition options like the one for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Now, a new color option is being added for those that like the color blue but aren’t a big fan of turquoise. 

The new blue color is a bit more mellow than its turquoise cousin, and to us, we can’t help but see the new Switch Lite as a cute little blueberry. Look at it, it’s adorable! Do we need it? No. Do we want it? Yes.

Nintendo Switch Lite Gets New Blue Color Option

Nintendo unveiled a brand new color option for the Switch Lite today that’s blue. Sure, the Switch Lite technically already has a “blue” option – turquoise to be specific – but why not add a more mellow type of blue to the lineup? 

The new Switch Lite shade strikes us as deep blue/violet color, sort of like a blueberry. It’s certainly not a boring or dull shade of blue, it’s actually quite pretty. That being said, there’s also nothing special about this new Switch Lite other than the color. It’s still a normal Switch Lite.

Seeing Nintendo roll out a new Switch Lite color gives us hope that Nintendo may add other colors to the lineup in the near future though. If we had a wishlist (‘sup Nintendo) we’d love to see color options like pastel lavender, dark crimson, neon green, or even a black and white Switch Lite. 

Additionally, the new Switch Lite color announcement also gives us hope that we’ll see more special edition Switch Lite releases like the one that came out for Pokemon Sword and Shield. If we get Breath of the Wild 2 this year, we’d love to see a special Switch Lite option for that. Fingers crossed!

If you’re in love with the new blue Switch Lite and want to buy one, they’ll be available for purchase starting May 21 and will be priced at the regular Switch Lite price of $199.99 (USD). Other standard color options for the Switch Lite include gray, yellow, coral, and turquoise. 

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