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New PDP Nintendo Switch Gaming Headset Coming Soon With Trademark Switch Colors

by Liana Ruppert

Looking for a new headset for your Nintendo Switch? Look no further than right here because PDP’s popular LVL40 wired headset is finally making its way over to the Nintendo Switch platform. Even better? It’s the perfect time for the holiday season that’s looming right there around the corner. 

As seen above, the Switch headset comes with the iconic blue and red colors that the alternate Joy-Cons come in, but it also has a few other key features as well for those gamers looking to take their gaming experience on the go: 

  • Lightweight build for comfort during even the longest play sessions.
  • Comfortable and breathable ear cushions that help players stay cool and prevent fatigue.
  • Gamers can keep their eyes on their game and make quick audio adjustments with the on-ear volume controls, and hear their enemies before they see them with two powerful 40mm audio drivers
  • Flexible, noise-canceling gooseneck microphone, with Quick Flip Mute, which silences the microphone when the mic boom is flipped up. 

Want your chance to nab one but aren’t quite sure if you’re ready to pre-order these bad boys for $29.99 ahead of their November 8th release? PDP is hosting a special giveaway to celebrate their Nintendo move that includes the Color Block PDP Gaming LVL40 Wired Stereo headset, the Afterglow Delux+ Audio Wired controller, and a Nintendo Switch console! Talk about a killer bundle for the holidays! To enter, visit the official PDP sweepstakes page right here. 

You can also learn more about PDP and their other gaming peripherals offered on their official website. Happy gift giving! 

Liana Ruppert

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