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Nintendo Indie World Showcase Airing Tomorrow

by Lucas White

Nintendo is, once again, back on its you-know-what. With 24 hours of notice, Nintendo of America has announced its next online showcase, this time an Indie World. This latest Indie World Showcase is set for April 14, 2021 at 9:00 AM PT. We haven’t heard from the Indie World brand in 2021 yet, and tomorrow’s show will run for around 20 minutes.

The tweet from Nintendo of America notes that the presentation will focus on “fresh and new” indie games for the Nintendo Switch. Language like that generally means we’ll see release dates for stuff previously announced alongside some new debuts. Indie World Showcases in particular are much less predictable due to the nature of this space, so Nintendo fans will probably be learning about several titles for the first time.

There are marquee-style announcements even in the indie games world, such as last time’s Spelunky 2 announcement. We also saw games like Tunche, Cyber Shadow, Grindstone and Gnosia. There are “one more thing” moments too, last time’s being the massively popular Among Us making its appearance on the Switch. So anything can happen!

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