New Super Mario Bros. 2 is already out in Japan, and though you can’t really import it with the 3DS’ region lock (dang it), it’s looking like a swell sequel.  Unfortunately, for some people who tried to digitally download it as part of Nintendo’s new full game download program on the eShop Channel, there have been some snags.

The game, which released digitally yesterday on the network, ran into a series of problems during some certain downloads, forcing players to restart or turn off their systems, then turn them back on and attempt to redownload.  The company has stated that, at this point, all problems have been resolved.  However, for the US release next month, we can only hope they’re better prepared, so that players don’t have to worry about such hassles.  The Nintendo Network isn’t exactly 100 percent solid, after all.

We’ll give New Super Mario Bros. 2 a try when it comes out on August 19 both digitally and in retail form, alongside the new 3DS XL system.