A few weeks ago, Sega of America released NiGHTS Into Dreams HD for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, introducing a new generation of gamers to a fun Sega Saturn classic, for a fraction of the price.  But PC owners were wondering whey they too would be able to play in the dream world.  Well, now's your chance.

Sega has announced that it has released NiGHTS Into Dreams HD for Steam today, for the budget price of $10.  The game comes with all the original content of the Saturn release, available in both classic and HD modes, as well as online leaderboards and widescreen support, for those who have the monitor to do so.  What's more, just in time for the holidays, you'll also get Christmas NiGHTS free of charge, an expansion that adds a number of bonus holiday-oriented levels, as well as unwrappable gifts.

If you haven't experienced NiGHTS before, this is really the time to do it, as this game helped define Sega in the Saturn era – even if Sony did eventually win with the PlayStation.  We're just happy to see the dream warrior back in action.