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NFL Skins and Emotes Coming to Fortnite

by Larryn Bell

Today, Epic Games announced their partnership with the National Football League to bring team outfits and other NFL-themed cosmetic items to Fortnite, just in time for football season. The event kicks off on Friday, November 9 at 7pm ET, so be sure to load up Fortnite and check the in-game Item Shop to browse the available NFL outfits.

According to Epic’s blog post, “Each Outfit can be swapped to any of the thirty-two NFL teams, plus an additional unique Fortnite team.” Players will also be able to pick what number they want on their NFL jersey in Fortnite, from 0-99.

While the new NFL skins should pair well with most of the emotes in Fortnite, there will be some new ones available for players to show off in the end zone. Alongside the NFL outfits, players can rep their favorite teams with new football-themed emotes, gliders, and harvesting tools. Those who don’t want to pick a team can opt for the referee outfit instead.

For a closer look at the NFL outfits coming to Fortnite, check out the new Fortnite X NFL video above. Be sure to check back here on Thursday to see what weekly challenges Epic has in store this week ahead of the NFL event.

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