Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 rumors have been rampant of the last several months, but it looks like Activision has other plans regarding this particular faction of the Call of Duty franchise. According to an earlier leak, which has since been verified by numerous insiders, the next phase for Modern Warfare is simply that: Modern Warfare. 

Originally posted by YouTuber 'LongSensation', the original tweet that stated the next reveal will simply be for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has since gone viral. Even controversial gaming journalist Jason Schreier weighed in, seemingly confirming the leak and that it will act as a "soft reboot" for the Modern Warfare series. 

Prima's own sources have confirmed that there will be a Modern Warfare 2 remade campaign in addition to a new story all together surrounding Ghost, a beloved character from Modern Warfare. It will be a blend of older games as well as new components, not quite making it a remake but something similar. 

The original report mentioned that we would be getting an official reveal later today, though our sources have since clarified that the big date will be set for May 30th. It won't be a simple teaser either, but a full reveal, according to our sources.