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New Valorant Map Leaks

by Liana Ruppert

Riot Games is putting the Games back into their name and so far the reception to their CS:GO/Overwatch-esque game Valorant has been overwhelmingly positive. When Valorant beta players weren’t shattering Twitch records left and right, some chose to dig right into the meat of the title to see what sort of secrets they could uncover. Among the findings discovered is a new Valorant map called Ascent. 

New Valorant map leaks: Ascent 

Redditor ‘UlfrictheThird‘ took to the Valorant forums to reveal an interesting find hidden away in the game’s files. According to the Redditor, the new map is codenamed “Ascent” and is rooted in Italy due to the many Italian textures and names attached to this file. They mentioned that from what they found, it looks like it could be set in some form of an adaptation of Venice, Italy specifically because of the many canal references found and a gondola texture filename. 

The Redditor also mentioned that they found two shops in the Ascent map called the Boatshop and the Baitshop with file names that could easily be attributed to Vince as well. Whether the new map will be set in Italy or be heavily inspired by this location remains to be seen, but the Redditor did also mentioned that they found the layout of the alleged new map as well, as seen below: 

While datamined finds are usually accurate and this one is incredibly thorough, it’s important to take this information with a grain of salt until the studio itself makes the official announcement. That being said, this layout looks incredible and seeing as Valorant is very much tailored for the pro scene, it looks like the perfect place to for strategic plays for those teams that are really in it to win it. 

While we await any sort of official reveal, be sure to check out our Valorant game hub here for tips, tricks, and news regarding the latest adventure from the League of Legends game studio! 

Thoughts on the new Valorant map leak? Legit or do you not care either way? Be sure to let us know over on Facebook and Twitter, we’d love to hear what you think! You can also peep the below Sniper Rifle guide for those players that like to take out their opponents from afar: 

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