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Valorant Beta Best Weapons Guide

by Nicholas Barth

The Valorant Beta is currently underway, and players from across the world are presently experiencing everything the tactical first-person shooter has to offer. One of the most significant areas in the title is the group of weapons players can use to lead their teams to victory. There are a total of six different weapon categories players can choose from when they are fighting it out for supremacy in Valorant. With this in mind, we have gathered together the best weapons you should currently use in the title’s Beta. 

Valorant Beta Best Weapons


Valorant Beta Best Weapons

Players will find that there are five different sidearms they can use in a match. These sidearms are the Classic, Shorty, Frenzy, Ghost, and Sheriff. Each one offers its advantages and disadvantages, but the Ghost and Sheriff stand out as the best when it comes to this group of weapons in the Beta.

The Ghost offers an energetic punch without sacrificing a high rate of fire like the Sheriff. Players who can place accurate body shots and headshots will be able to take down an enemy quickly.

However, the most powerful of the sidearms are, no doubt, the Sheriff. You will find that the power of this weapon can take down any enemy with a single headshot, which is very useful in rounds where you are low on money. 


Valorant Beta Best Weapons

Three of the best weapons in Valorant can be found in the rifles category in the Bulldog, Phantom, and Vandal. Each of these rifles offers high rates of fire with large amounts of damage, meaning they can mow down multiple enemies at once. Not to mention that all three of these weapons can make a player the best in the match in both close-quarters and long ranges. This versatility adds even more to the resume of why the Bulldog, Phantom, and Vandal are three of the best weapons in the Valorant Beta.


Valorant Beta Best Weapons

The Operator is the most expensive firearm in the Valorant Beta. There is no doubt that this high price of 4,500 creds is worth it considering the damage this sniper can do. A guaranteed one-shot kill allows players with The Operator to completely take over a round with only a couple of bullets. A second zoom option for its scope helps The Operator be competent in both medium and long ranges to help make it one of the very best weapons in the Valorant Beta for players to use.

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Valorant Beta Best Weapons

You are not always going to have a ton of money to spend on equipment every round, which means you will need to able to find which fo the cheaper weapons are the best to use when money is low. Your search will stop at the Spectre with its 1,600 creds cost, providing you with an exception close-quarters gun that can take out enemies even at medium distances with accuracy and power. 


Valorant Beta Best Weapons

When it comes to the shotguns of the Valorant Beta, the Judge is easily the best of these types of weapons. Its rate of fire and powerful punch allow it to be a very formidable weapon for players who can get right in the face of the enemy team and take them down quickly. 


Valorant Beta Best Weapons

Both of the Heavy weapons in the Valorant Beta offer advantages that make them some of the best weapons in the title, especially for newer players who might not have the greatest aim. Large magazine sizes and high rates of fire allow less mechanically skilled players to be able to have a fighting chance against higher-skilled players.

Now, every game will always have players claim what the best weapons are. However, that does not always mean that they are the best weapons for you and your playstyle. We suggest you use all of the different firearms that are in Valorant and see which ones you like to use the most and have the most fun with when playing. There is no doubt though that the weapons prove themselves to be the best on countless occasions and will likely continue to do so going forward in the life of this popular FPS.

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