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New Trio of Grand Theft Auto V Trailers Hit the Web

by Prima Games Staff

As promised last week, Rockstar Games delivered with a trio of new trailers this morning for Grand Theft Auto V.  The trailers take a closer look at the three main characters you’ll be playing as: bored criminal type Michael, unpredictable drug dealer Trevor, and up-and-coming gang banger Franklin.

Each character has their own perspective within the game, with Michael showing boredom in his rich lifestyle (and tiring of his family), Franklin trying to fit in with his friends in his neighborhood, and Trevor creating all kinds of havoc in his neck of the woods.  When the three come together in Grand Theft Auto V’s main story for a bank robbery, all bets are off as to how things will go.

All three trailers introduce a great new perspective of the game, with a lot of promising action and some humorous (if slightly not safe for work) dialogue.  It’ll be interesting to see how they all come together this September when the game arrives for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

You can watch the trailers here.  Big shout-out to you if you recognize the awesome “Radio Gaga” from Queen!

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