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New Super Nintendo World Images Show Off A Nearly Finished Park

by Liana Ruppert

Super Nintendo World is racing towards completion and to celebrate, we’ve got another new look at what sort of fandom lies ahead. We first learned about this gamer’s paradise back in 2016 as part of Universal Studios’ plans for growth. Super Nintendo World is a theme park that delivers exactly what Nintendo fans would expect and then some, including completely interactive experiences and the ability to transform into some of our favorite characters! 

Our newest look inside the magical world of Super Nintendo comes by way of Instagram, and it is glorious. From the familiar green, yellow, and red coloring, to Super Mrio nods littered throughout the entire area; this theme park coming to Osaka, Japan is just the reason we needed to update our passports and plan a trip! Well, after COVID …

Check out some of the first images below: 

The overview images come by way of Instagram user ‘imaiko02’ and his entire profile is one wild ride that is giving us that travel itch like something fierce. The above images are still in-progress shots, but it does give us an idea of the layout and how the general experience will be, though without too many details. 

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The upcoming park experience is eventually expected to expand beyond Japan, with the Orlando, Florida experience set for a 2023 opening.“Think of Super Nintendo World as a life-size, living video game where you could become one of the characters,” said Theirry Coup, Universal Creative’s CCO, in a previous interview. “You’re not just playing the game; you’re living the game, you’re living the adventure. Nintendo’s most iconic locations and experiences will be brought to life, including Mushroom Kingdom, Peach’s Castle, an incredible Mario Kart ride, Bowser’s Castle – and more.”

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