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New Spyro the Dragon Game Reportedly In the Works

by Liana Ruppert

Nostalgia is high, even more so now with more and more people quarantining themselves at home, which makes the news of a possible new Spyro the Dragon game very exciting. While we don’t have any reveal from the folks over at Activision, a very notable source that has a long track record of accurate reveals claims that a new Spyro game is, in fact, on the way. 

As with all rumors, as we mention every time, take all of the below information with a grain of salt. No matter how believable something is and how much evidence backs certain claims, take all rumors at face value until the companies behind the source material can verify the info. That being said, that latest leak regarding the alleged new Spyro game comes by way of TheGamingRevolution YouTube channel. 

While details are sparse at this time, the content creator took to Twitter to share his latest findings, a simple “A new Spyro game is in the works.” 

With the Spyro Reignited Trilogy did incredibly well in terms of tapping into that nostalgia, which could be enough incentive to tap into that franchise once more. Whether it’s an entirely new game intended to continue on the IP or a reboot remains to be seen, but we have reached out to our own contacts to see if we can hunt down more details. 

For now, we’re keeping this firmly in the rumor pile, but it is important to note that this leak comes on the heels of Activision’s previously stated stance that they are looking revisit beloved IPs to bring into the future of gaming. 

What do you think about a possible new Spyro the Dragon game? Dead IP or would you be hyped to see everybody’s favorite purple dragon once more? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames

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