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New Shenmue 3 Footage Revealed At E3 2019

by John Cooper

The game that nobody expected got even more air time at the PC Gaming E3 show today. That’s right, Shenmue 3 had some exclusive footage shown off today and boy does it look like a game. Given that the game was first shown off on Sony’s stage a few years ago, it is incredibly strange to see it at the PC show this year. Of course, with no Sony in sight this year, it had to be somewhere. 

The trailer starts off with Ryo learning more about kung fu from a new master amongst some rather dated looking models. We got to see a small chase scene through a lovely looking street as well as some more Ryo on thug action. It looks as though we can expect some more quick time events, which were very much the bread and butter of first two titles back on the Dreamcast. 

We even got a confirmation of the release date, which is November 19 2019. That’s this year, which is what they were aiming for previously, but we’ve been hurt before. This could well be the year we see the conclusion to this game series that started literally two decades ago

The game doesn’t look like a modern title, though that could well be a creative decision as opposed to anything that reflects on the game itself. Plus, it is still in development so things could improve notably in the next few months. 

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