In the midst of all the awesome announcements for 3DS that have come about today, one has managed to slip under the radar because it's not actually coming till next year.  Still, it's worth getting excited about if you're a fan of the Professor Layton series.

It has been confirmed that Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies will be coming to North America early next year.  The game, which is already available in Japan, is the sixth entry in the long-running adventure series and will include a new batch of puzzles to figure out and beautiful hand-drawn animation.

The story revolves around the professor and his young sidekick paying a visit to the snow city of Sunora where he locates a living mummy kept in captivity with ice, who's actually a young girl.  He attempts to rescue her and the adventure begins from there.

Look for more details on Azran Legacies in the months ahead!