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New Pokemon X & Y Trailer Reveals Starter Evolutions

by Prima Games Staff

When Pokemon X & Y surface on the Nintendo 3DS next month, players will have hours’ worth of evolution-based fun to take part in, as well as a whole new Pokemon world to explore. That said, they have to start somewhere, and in the latest video for the game, we get an idea how the three starting Pokemon characters will evolve.

The first is Chespin, a grass-based Pokemon that evolves into the larger Quilladin.  The second, the adorable water-based Froakie, becomes the much more acrobatic Frogadier. Last but not least, the fire-based Fennekin transforms into the magical Braixen.

Mind you, these are just the first evolutions for these characters. Secondary ones are likely to follow.

In addition to evolutions, two additional Pokemon, the dinosaur-like Tyrunt and Amaura, are introduced. You’ll also catch a glimpse of specific Mega Evolutions, including one for fan favorite Mewtwo. 

Pokemon X & Y release on October 12th.

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