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New Sword and Shield Pokemon Officially Teased

by Nicholas Barth

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be the next generation of main video games for the Pokemon franchise and will be the first to debut on the Nintendo Switch console. Each entry of the series brings a wide array of new Pokemon for players to catch and use in battles against other trainers. Sword and Shield will be no different. However, one of the newest Pokemon Sword and Shield will be bringing to the series has recently been teased in a very mysterious manner. 

Visitors to the official Pokemon Sword and Shield website are being treated to a mysterious glitched out image that appears randomly on their screens. Selecting this glitched out image will then take you to a page for this mysterious Pokemon where only a few details are revealed. 

This particular Pokemon will be a fighting type that knows an ability called Steadfast. It will also weigh 257.9 lbs. Unfortunately, that is all of the currently known information about the newly teased creature. 

The description of the new Sword and Shield Pokemon was also very vague and has left players with plenty of questions. You can find the description below with the blurred out portions being represented by #. 

“Only # that have survived many battles can attain this #. When this Pokémon’s # #ers, it will retire from combat.”

Nintendo has provided no details regarding when an official reveal of this mysterious new Pokemon from Sword and Shield will be taking place. 

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Nicholas Barth

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