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New Neighbor: Cyrus

by Prima Games Staff

Say hello to Cyrus! This hardworking fellow runs the Re-Tail recycling shop along with his wife, Reese, and has a knack for refurbishing furniture.

Cyrus works so hard at his craft that you’ll find him snoozing during the day. Sell off lots of unwanted items at Re-Tail, though, and one day, you’ll find Cyrus awake and eager to please.

For a small fee, Cyrus can customize many pieces of furniture in special ways. For example, you could have him change the furniture’s color to better fit with your home’s decor. This is a great way to customize your home and create some truly unique rooms! It takes just 30 minutes for Cyrus to complete his work (he’s fast!)

Hand Cyrus some precious gold ore, and he’ll offer to build you some luxurious golden furniture. This is the only way to assemble the golden furniture series. Each piece of golden furniture requires three gold nuggets and 10,000 Bells to build, so they aren’t cheap. (You can find gold ore by whacking rocks with a shovel.)

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