E3 day one has officially started after an exciting weekend of announcements and now Nintendo is showing off their own goodness, including more on Luigi's Mansion 3 for Nintendo Switch

In the latest video, we can see new moves like the Suction, Burst, and Slam, as well as more gameplay and the interesting Gooigi function. It's perfect for fans of Green Mario (kidding) and honestly looks like an adorable experience for long-time Nintendo fans and children as well. 

The original Luigi's Mansion reveal received a lot of love, and fans were anxious to jump back in. This game has been getting some good traction lately with the 3DS version of the original GameCube title having arrived on October 12 last year, not to mention the arcade game that's becoming a real draw in various locations. So a Switch sequel just makes sense at this point.

We still don't have a release date at this time, though we do know it is coming this year. Most likely it will be a holiday title given the large demographic it can target. 

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