We haven't heard too much about Gears of War: Judgment, the forthcoming prequel from Epic Games and the developers at People Can Fly, outside of the Overrun mode and whispers about other multiplayer features.  But boy, did that change today.

The development partners revealed a spankin' new video that goes just over three minutes, talking about some crucial new features in Judgment in a segment titled The Guts of Gears.  This breaks down several new components in the game, such as new gameplay additions (like being able to wield any weapon while carrying a Boomshield), a raging new enemy that requires quick destruction (unless you like certain death) and some new weapons perks.  There are also new Declassified Missions, where you'll unlock additional rewards within the game.

You can watch all the video action for yourself below. It gets a little rough-and-tumble, but it's Gears!  You didn't expect anything less, did you?

Gears of War: Judgment hits stores March 19th for Xbox 360.