Ever since its official reveal at E3 earlier this year, fans have been begging to see more of Square Enix's sequel Kingdom Hearts III in action. Today, they got their wish, as the company revealed footage that was first revealed at the Japanese Disney D23 Expo earlier this month. You can watch the game in action below.

The footage is divided into two sections. The first shows main star Sora and his friends battling against enemies in ground combat, utilizing a special swinging pirate ship to eliminate a good amount of them in one shot. The second takes you on a thrilling Thunder Mountain-style train ride, swinging a sword at a massive demon-like boss while riding around him, only for Sora to jump out at the end for a diving attack.

Though these are only short glimpses into what the game has to offer, you can see the next-gen muscle that the team at Square applies into the game. Who knows what Disney worlds we'll see introduced next?

Kingdom Hearts III should arrive in late 2014 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.