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New Fortnite Update Adds Explosive Bow, Plus Changes to Creative

by Liana Ruppert

 A new Fortnite update is here and brings with it an explosive new weapon for players to enjoy. But it’s not just the “Boom Bow” that has arrived, a few changes to the battle royale game’s Creative Mode are also here in addition to the comeback of the beloved Sniper Shootout Limited Time Mode. 

“Archery can be a blast,” boasts the team over at Epic Games about the latest weapon to arrive. “Nock enemies in a whole new way with this explosive weapon!” For those looking to try out the Boom Bow on for size, the latest addition utilizes Fire Arrows with a Shotgun Shell tip which packs a major punch when deployed. As if Fire Arrows didn’t sound intimidating enough, the tip actually explodes on impact — making this weapon a total game changer when vying for that coveted Victory Royale spot.

Using Shotgun Ammo, the player can make sure that the damage dealt is at maximum capacity by holding down the dire keybind. The longer the trigger is held, the stronger the shot, making both the speed and the impact as meaningful as possible in the world of battle royale. 

For those looking to see exactly what sort of damage this bow deals, Epic mentions that the base damage is 15, while a headshot has a double multiplier. As for the explosion upon impact, players can expect to dole out 100 damage once the shot lands. 

Other aspects of the latest patch includes bug fixes to the Arena for the game’s Events mode, as well as Geometric Galleries added to the game’s Creative alongside the Boom Bow itself. Creative also saw a few Prefab updates, while the game’s Save the World mode welcomes the exciting new Cannonade Launcher! 

To see what else is new in Epic Games’ Fortnite, you can check out the full patch notes right here

As for the game itself, Fortnite is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices. 

Liana Ruppert

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