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New ESO Content Update

by Bryan Dawson

A new trailer showcasing the first post-launch content update for The Elder Scrolls Online is finally upon us. The trailer shows off the Craglorn adventure zone, an area that offers compelling four-person content for small groups of players. In addition, Craglorn will challenge groups of 12 by offering a new trial system, complete with leaderboards.

Craglorn differs from many of the other areas in ESO. It’s available for players Veteran Rank 10 and higher, and is geared toward group PvE content. There are quests designed for four-person groups that reveal the story, alongside natural exploration quests that can be repeated daily. The instanced dungeons will be challenging, but nothing compared to the 12-player trials, which are timed dungeons that allow for limited resurrections. Leaderboards will track your completion time, deducting time for resurrections, with the fastest groups gaining special perks.

Craglorn will hit ESO later this month. For more information and a nice look at the upcoming content, check out the full trailer below.

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