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New Dragon Ball Project Z Footage Shown During E3 2019

by John Cooper

Microsoft refuses to calm down and the game announcements just keep coming. Previously known as simply Dragon Ball Z Project, the title is now Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and showed a lot of battles from the original Saiyan Saga of Dragon Ball Z. It shows all of the anger and fury you expect from a Dragon Ball game, but with shiny new graphics and incredibly fast-paced action. It looks incredibly good and it seems like a lot of games are following suit with Dragon Ball FighterZ in the graphics department. 

The footage shows the game as an over-the-shoulder third-person action game in a similar vein to some of the older fighting games or even Dragon Ball Xenoverse. How much of the game will be battles is unknown, but that’s pretty much all they showed outside of some cutscenes. The game is still listed as an action RPG though, so it may well be that we get to level him up, do some exploring, and maybe even romance Piccolo finally (obviously not).

It did show Goku going Super Saiyan though, which suggest that the game will either be messing around with the timeline or that it will be going at least as far as the Frieza battles on the Planet Namek. This could be a length old game given how long the series took to get us there, but then there should be less thirty-minute long shouting matches too. It will be coming to us early 2020. 

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