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New Dragon’s Crown Pro Trailer Showcases Local and Online Co-Op

by Josh Hawkins

The latest trailer for Dragon’s Crown Pro is here, and it’s really looking to spice things up a bit. The puzzles and dangers that you’ll face in the game may be too strong to face alone, and to help with this the developers have revealed that Dragon’s Crown Pro will support both local and online cooperative gameplay, allowing fans to team up with their friends on the couch, or across the world.

It’s an interesting idea, especially when you consider how the developers are targeting it. According to the press release fans will be able to team up together in any combination of four. This means that two players could be playing in local co-op, while the other two out of the party are spread out in other parts of the world.

Cooperative gameplay isn’t anything new, but not many games go through the process of supporting both local and online co-op, which is what makes this news so exciting for players looking forward to Dragon’s Crown Pro. You can check out the trailer above, so make sure you give it a watch to see the cooperative gameplay in action.

Dragon’s Crown Pro is currently slated to release in the Spring of 2018, and will be available physically and digitally on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. To learn more about Dragon’s Crown Pro head over to the official website.

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