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New Crysis 3 Multiplayer Video Reveals New Area, Modes

by Prima Games Staff

Crysis 3 continues to push forward with its amazing first-person shooting ambience and brilliant gameplay, and today, we got an even bigger peek behind the scenes with what’s happening with the sequel.

In a new video, producer Mike Read managed to talk about some of the new gameplay elements that will be introduced with multiplayer, along with a variety of the modes.  The multiplayer features dozens of maps, 30 new weapons and eight modes, including Hunter Mode (where two cloaked Hunters will chase after everyone else) and Crash Site (a variation of the classic King of the Hill mode).

What’s more the video also introduces a New York Feed, a “dynamically generated map of New York City that creates an information flow of what you and your friends have achieved throughout the game.”  Because, you know, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere…

Watch the video here and gear up for Crysis 3’s arrival when it drops this February.