If you’re a fan of BlazBlue, you’re gonna love this.

The developers behind the series, Arc System Works, has announced that it will be releasing a new chapter in the fighting franchise that will be hitting arcades this winter.  Titled BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, the game will feature three new characters added to the cast, and will also follow events that unfolded with the original game, Calamity Trigger.  Several changes have also been made to please fans, including the following, listed by Arc…

There’s reportedly a lot that’s been changed in the game. The neutral poses have been redrawn for all the characters, and their costumes are even different. Of course they also have new moves.

Noel has a different weapon and she doesn’t wear a cap this time.

Tsubaki seems to be the version that’s fallen to the dark side.

Hazama has a new DD

The BGMs seems to be different as well

Three new characters will be added in: Amane, Barret(Bullet?), Azrael. Amane fights with something like a cloth, Barret looks a bit like Makoto, Azrael is muscular.

The game is due later this year, but word has it that Arc System Works is already tinkering with a home release for early 2013…and possibly even a brand new BlazBlue sequel after that.  The fighting continues!

Meanwhile, if you need to fulfill that fighting fix now, check out Persona 4: Arena from Atlus USA when it releases tomorrow.  Great fighting action, straight from Arc System Works.  Yes!