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Netflix Games Coming to iOS Tomorrow

by Lucas White

Last week, Netflix launched its new “Netflix Games” label, giving subscribers access to a list of games within the Netflix app. Notably, this launch only came to Android platforms, with a “coming soon” tag given to iOS subscribers.

Today, Netflix announced that Netflix Games will be launching on iOS tomorrow, or November 11, 2021.

Netflix Games Coming to iOS Tomorrow

As we noted in previous coverage, Netflix Games will appear as a new section in the normal Netflix app, providing games with no additional charges, advertising or in-app purchases.

The opening salve of games is small, but Netflix has been acquiring studios and promises a continuing flow of new games.

As we’ve seen with the ongoing legal feud between Epic Games and Apple, the iOS as a platform is restrictive on what kinds of service models can appear on the marketplace.

This has specifically had an impact on gaming platforms, since Apple requires each title be listed individually and subject to Apple’s ToS. In a tweet from “Netflix Geeked,” it seems like Netflix is listing the games separately as well, although it’s currently unclear how it all intersects until the main Netflix app is updated.

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