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Netflix Drops Teaser for Stranger Things Season 4

by Morgan Shaver

It’s been relatively quiet on the Stranger Things front, but that quiet has been broken by a short teaser trailer for Season 4. The trailer doesn’t give much – if anything – away about the contents of Season 4. That said, it does seem to confirm that we’ll be getting more of Eleven’s backstory. Perhaps more information about others like her as well. 

Netflix Drops Teaser for Stranger Things Season 4 

The teaser trailer for Season 4 of Netflix’s Stranger Things is short, but sweet. In it, we see children partaking in different games like chess and blocks with ominous music playing in the background. Numbers are a key focus in this teaser trailer with the rainbow car road showing as “5” in the reflection of the camera at the beginning of the trailer.

We also see a Plinko sort of game with a red chip falling into the number 7 spot (with 4 and 8 also filled by red chips). The clip ends with the children responding to Martin “Papa” Brenner who says he has something special planned for them before the screen goes dark and he asks the question, “Eleven, are you listening?” 

Back in Season 2, we got a hint that others like Eleven are out there, particularly when Eleven meets Kali aka Eight. With the teaser trailer showing “Eight” marked on the Plinko board, it’s possible we may see Eight return. 

It’s less clear whether we’ll also see test subjects Five, Seven, and Four. In the Stranger Things comic series Stranger Things: SIX we get to know a bit more about test subjects Six aka Francine, Three aka Ricky, Nine, and Nine and a Half (with Nine and Nine and a Half being twin sisters named Jamie and Marcy). 

If we get more lab flashbacks, we may see more of these characters like Five, Seven, and Four. We may also see some in the show’s “present day” like we did with Kali in Season 2. It’s hard to say given that we only have a teaser trailer to go off of. Nevertheless, speculation is fun and we can’t wait to see additional teaser trailers for the show in the future.

After checking out the new teaser trailer for Stranger Things Season 4, what do you think we’ll see in the show’s fourth season? Are you hoping to see more characters like Eleven and Kali? What unresolved issues from Season 3 do you think will be addressed in Season 4? Let us know on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter

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