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Netflix Announces New The Witcher Anime Movie

by Liana Ruppert

Henry Cavill won over hearts with The Witcher Netflix series as a live-action installment to a beloved franchise, but it looks like the streaming service isn’t quite ready to abandon the magic of witchers quite yet. While we await season 2 of the incredibly successful show, Netflix has announced that a new The Witcher anime movie is on the way. 

The new Witcher anime will be called The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf and while we don’t have a ton of details about what the narrative will have in store, the official teaser states that a “new threat facing the Continent” is the main premise. 

As for who is attached to the anime movie, Lauren Hissrich, the live-action series’ showrunner, is returning to aid in the film in addition to Beau DeMayo. Legend of Korra’s studio Mir is also producing Nightmare of the Wolf, which paints an interesting picture for what fans can most likely expect. 

At this time, we don’t have any casting information either though more details will be released in the coming month. 

As for The Witcher Netflix series that’s currently all the rage, the entire first season is now streaming on the service and has become the most viewed Netflix series of all time. It’s been breaking records and shattering (in a good way) expectations since its launch last year in December, which makes both the anime movie and season 2 all the more exciting.