PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS not interesting to you? The Neo Geo X may be just what you're looking for.

SNK Playmore has announced that it will be releasing its retro-styled handheld system on December 6th worldwide, and it’ll be selling for $199 with 20 games pre-installed.  These games are as follows…

3 Count Bout

League Bowling

Art of Fighting II

Magician Lord

Alpha Mission II

Metal Slug

Baseball Stars II

Mutation Nation

Cyber Lip

Nam 1975

Fatal Fury


Fatal Fury Special

Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special

The King of Fighters ‘95

Samurai Shodown II

King of the Monsters

Super Sidekicks

Last Resort

World Heroes Perfect

The system features a 4.3” LCD screen, expandable game card slot, internal stereo speakers, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.  It’ll also come with a Joystick and Station, so you can charge the device and output the video and audio to a television or monitor.

Old-school fans might be pleased with this…but can it compete? Look for a preview from us very soon.