Ever since its release last year, Need For Speed: Most Wanted has been racking up quite the racing community, with thousands engaging in online races and finding new cars to add to their collection.  Wii U owners have been missing out on this party, but that'll be changing soon enough.

Electronic Arts has announced that it will be releasing Need For Speed: Most Wanted on the Wii U on March 19th, complete with a new co-op mode called Co-Op Driver, in which one person utilizes the GamePad, while another races on the screen with the Wii Remote or Wii U Pro Controller.  In addition, the GamePad player will have access to a number of extra features, including a real-time map, and indicator of current records.

The game will also come with a lovely little bonus right on the disc – downloadable content.  The Ultimate Speed Pack will be included with the game, giving players access to a number of sweet new rides to take advantage of.  And it'll be added for no charge.

We'll have a preview of this version of the game in the weeks ahead.  Be sure to check back!