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NBA 2K12 Cover Athlete Magic Johnson Talks Trades

by Prima Games Staff

2K Sports is offering continuous updates to bring the latest blockbuster trades to NBA 2K12. The simulation now also includes a shortened 66-game schedule so fans can play through the 2011-12 season, post-lockout.
Magic Johnson, one of the three cover athletes for the game, and also a playable legend in both the game and the Legends Showcase DLC, believes the big moves that teams like the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Clippers made in the last two weeks will be great for fans both on the real hardwood and the virtual.

“That trade with Tyson Chandler going to the Knicks really made them an outstanding winner, and I think they’re tied with the Clippers,” said Johnson. “The Clippers and the Knicks really won because two things happened for both. They made great trades, with Tyson Chandler going to the Knicks and Chris Paul going to the Clippers. But then both teams picked up guys off waivers and that was outstanding, with Baron Davis going to the Knicks and Chauncey Billups, who has won a championship and understands how to hit the big shots when the game is on the line, going to the Clippers.”

With the Dallas Mavericks going for a repeat after winning the NBA Championship last season, Johnson said the team is now much-improved thanks to the Lamar Odom trade. He believes Odom is one of the “best all-around players in the league” and he’s also looking forward to see what Vince Carter has left to give the Mavs.

“The Miami Heat also helped themselves with Shane Battier, who’s a tough guy,” said Johnson. “LeBron doesn’t have to defend the best player on the opposite team anymore because Shane can just take those guys and shut them down. Also, he can fill in at two or three positions.”

Gamers can experience these new-look teams, and some which sport new-look uniforms, just in time for the highly anticipated Christmas Day tip-off of the new NBA season. With so many big names changing teams, or in the case of Dwight Howard, staying put; NBA 2K12 gets a Holiday boost while players get to try out brand new strategies to bring their favorite NBA team to the promised land.

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