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Namco Bandai Teases Next Ace Combat Game

by Prima Games Staff

Namco Bandai announced the latest game from Project Aces, the development team that brought us Ace Combat: Assault Horizon in 2011. The game is called Ace Combat: Infinity, and it returns players to the high-flying action we’ve come to expect from the aerial dogfighting series.

This time around, Ace Combat will focus on real-world locations rather than the made-up cities in prior games. Although story details haven’t been revealed yet, you’ll likely butt heads with another megalomaniac and his well-armed aerial troops.

Infinity could also be the latest Namco Bandai release to test its ongoing free-to-play model. This started last month with the fighting game Tekken Revolution and will continue later this fall with Ridge Racer Driftopia. It is being released exclusively for the PlayStation 3, rather than coming to both Sony and Microsoft’s consoles, as Assault Horizon did.  More details should be revealed soon.

You can watch the debut trailer for Infinity below. We’ll have a first look soon.