A few weeks ago, we reported on the leak of data from a copy of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 that indicated Namco Bandai had some downloadable content n the works.  After first denying the story, Namco has indeed revealed that such a plan is happening, and it's kicking off a lot sooner than you think.

Starting October 9th, you'll be able to gain access to various new characters and stages for the popular fighting sequel.  These characters include Dr. Bosconovich (a series staple), along with Unknown (the final boss, now playable), Slim Bob, Miharu, Sebastian and Violet.  The stages that will be included are Russia, Chile, Arabia and Magic Show.  Though Namco didn't reveal pricing for this content just yet, it probably won't run you too steep in price.

In addition, the company also revealed downloadable outfits specifically tailored for the Wii U version, including Mario and Bowser duds, as well as Metroid and Zelda outfits.  Hilarious, but definitely fitting.

Enjoy the new trailer here and check out Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 if you haven't already.  It's, um, juggle-riffic!