If you're a fan of old-school games – or you just want to see a deer fart maliciously – then you're in luck, PC gamers.  Two of your favorite "classic" games on other platforms are about to get some love on your computer.

The first is The Behemoth's Castle Crashers, a game that's done significantly well on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.  It was announced yesterday that the game will officially be coming to Steam this fall, complete with Steam Achievements, voice chat and local multiplayer.  The game is currently on display at Behemoth's GamesCom set-up, and will be at PAX Prime later this month.  And yes, the farting deer returns.

Meanwhile, Renegade Kid, the makers of the 3DS downloadable romp Mutant Mudds, have announced that the game will be making its debut on PC later this month.  It'll launch on August 30th for $7.99, before diverting to its $9.99 default price on September 5th.  The game won't have the 3D effects that the 3DS version did, but will make up for it with some groovy motion blur effects.