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MultiVersus Extends Season Two Following Battle Pass Complaints

I still have a chance to get Maestro Bugs, hell yeah

by Lucas White

MultiVersus has been having a bit of a rough time as its second full season headed towards its conclusion. Nothing particularly bad happened, per se, but nothing really good happened either. Compared to the first season a lack of new content paired with a striking misfire on Battle Pass EXP rebalancing to produce a lot of frustrated players. Some of that frustration is being addressed, as MultiVersus season two has been extended to the end of March.

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MultiVersus Extends Season Two Following Battle Pass Complaints

Originally, season two of Warner Brothers and Player First Games’ crossover platform fighter was set to end on February 15, 2023. Now that date has been pushed to March 31, to allow players additional time to reach the end of the Battle Pass. On top of the date change, Player First is also giving out additional EXP-boosting items. Level purchasing, a staple of Battle Pass structures across “freemium” games, has also debuted.

Still technically in an “Open Beta” state, MultiVersus is definitely still getting its rough edges sanded off as the team gathers feedback and attempts to address it. In this case, season one met some complaints the Battle Pass was too easy, leaving players with more time on their hands hanging without much to do. After dropping in some quick bonus tiers, season two debuted with a much, much deeper EXP requirement to get to the end. The shift was so massive, even regular players have been struggling to reach the end of the current Battle Pass. After a couple double EXP weekend events, it looks like a more heavy-handed approach was needed.

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This move won’t please everyone, but something certainly had to be done to address this matter in the short term. A lot of players who just wanted to be able to finish the thing they paid for without treating MultiVersus like a second job have more breathing room. And Player First has some extra time to work on what’s next as well. Hopefully we’ll be back to fun character teases and arguments about the ethics of teabagging before long.

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