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Multiple Sources Say Silent Hill Reboot Is Underway With Konami and Sony

by Liana Ruppert

Rumors of the will they won’t they regarding the Silent Hill IP have been rampant for years, horror fans are hungry for the iconic franchise that turned the genre on its head. While we still don’t have any official confirmation, numerous sources internet-wide, including Prima’s own sources, have come forward to share that Sony and Konami are in the process of a Silent Hill reboot. 

According to various reports (1,2), many of the team members from the series as a whole are returning for this alleged project. Many are speculating Hideo Kojima could be brought on in a consultant capacity, though with their previous working relationship that seems unlikely. Still, he has mentioned a desire to return to horror, maybe a white flag on Konami’s side is on the horizon? 

The upcoming project between Sony and Konami is reportedly a “soft reboot” that will be called just Silent Hill. According to Rely On Horror, this has been in the works for a year now over at the SIE Japan Studio and allegedly has big names from the past attached to it such as the original writer Keiichiro Toyama and Akira Yamaoka returning as the composer. Masahiro Ito is also reportedly signed on, who was the creature designer for previous games, though no confirmation from the above names has been provided. 

One of our sources closely linked to Konami has shared that this is something that has been in talks for a while and confirmed that this will be a “fresh slate” for the series going into a new generation of gaming. While we’ve cross-checked with several internal sources and numerous reports are backing these claims, it’s always important to take everything with a grain of salt until the developers themselves confirm the news. Yes, even despite the numerous leaks prior to these reports.

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