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More Fallout: New Vegas DLC coming

by Prima Games Staff

Fallout: New Vegas comes out for the PC and PS3 on 22nd February, Bethesda have revealed

Dead Money has only been available for the Xbox 360 so far, having received a release in December last year.

Also in the world of Fallout; three new DLC packs are in the works and will be released in “the coming months”, the publisher has announced. The next releases will all come out simultaneously.

Names for the new downloadable content were snooped out by very attentive Fallout fans, who found trademarks registered by ZeniMax, Bethesda’s daddy.

There’s graffiti dotted around New Vegas spelling the words Honest Hearts, which was the same approach Bethesda took to promoting Dead Money way before its release.

The other two trademarks found were “Lonesome Road” and “Old World Blues”, it looks like these could well be the name of the next two DLC packs.

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